Kit 2 Combo – 1 Quantum Bracelet Golden Look + 1 Electric Power Saver




A quantum bracelet is not an ordinary bracelet made up of ornamental elements like gold, silver or copper etc.The Quantum Bracelet is made of natural minerals that are structurally combined on a molecular level. It is made up of bio-elements like germanium, negative ions and no-geranium magnets etc.Our unhealthy lifestyles and increased interaction with digital devices like computers, mobiles, and televisions lead to a number of disturbances in our bio-electric energies.

* It helps us fight bacteria and viruses which are harmful to our body.
* it helps the regulate the blood flow to all parts of the body, which is important for a healthy and active lifestyle.
* It helps in boosting our immunity against various diseases.
* It can help us in overcoming the fatigue and weariness.
* It makes a person refreshed and revitalized.


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